About Us

The Company


InsideOut is a full-service home staging company, preparing properties for sale in the Philadelphia region since 2010. Working with homeowners, realtors, and developers in the area we make houses look their absolute best no matter what condition they are in using re-design, staging, and general contracting. In all scenarios, staging is always the icing on the cake! The proper staging engages buyers with beautiful online photographs, garners showings immediately and helps sell houses faster and for more money. Our houses appear as if in a magazine!


If a house is too full of stuff (and who’s isn’t?), InsideOut can help with de-cluttering, re-organizing and determining the best presentation of the home. We do that  by re-arranging, editing and adding our own inventory to fill in blanks and add pops of color.

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We work with several developers who rehab houses in neighborhoods such as Germantown (our home base), South Philly (Newbold, Point Breeze…), Fishtown and West Philadelphia. These super-cool brand new homes benefit from staging because they’re often blank slates with walls all one color and the same flooring running throughout. We find inspiration from the design, and run with it, staging top to bottom with the latest on-trend furnishings, color schemes, and accessories to create a feeling of home in these “flips”.

GC Projects

InsideOut can also handle any small scale renovations that need to be done to properly prepare a house for sale. Acting as a general contractor of sorts, we can bring in painters, cleaners, plumbers and carpenters. We can remove & replace light fixtures, flooring and appliances if necessary. Whatever needs to be done, we’ve got a guy who can do it!